Personal Training - Mark Behling

Director and Co-founder


When we first met I weighed 15 stone 8 lbs, had a 42” waist, 30% of me was the wobbly stuff (fat), could just about run round half the block...

My waist has shrunk 4” to 38 inches....Now I weigh 13 stone 13 lbs.....My body fat is now down to 26.67%, getting lower all the time.  Without your coaching I would not have achieved this.


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Body and Mind as One.Press_up


In-Kilter Fitness offers bootcamps, individual classes and personal training designed to help you discover your physical potential and enhance your state of well being.




Whatever your age or fitness level, In-Kilter will provide the motivation and expertise needed to help you get fit, tone up and become stronger in body and mind. Each 1 hour session promises to leave you buzzing with raw energy, a sense of personal achievement and a renewed zest for life.





In-Kilter founder and celebrity trainer Stuart Amory “one of the UK’s top personal trainers” (Men’s Fitness Magazine) and his team of highly-qualified instructors offer unrivalled experience and motivational skills, that guarantee results.


Fitness Anywhere: Make your body your machine.